Alghazaleen Tea

About the brand

Akbar Tea is the company’s flagship brand, marketed worldwide in a wide range of variants, including many special and premium lines. In the past five years, sales have experienced unprecedented growth, at an average rate of over 30 percent per annum.

Under the Akbar brand umbrella, the company offers a comprehensive product range: traditional black, green, silver and Darjeeling tea in loose packs and tea-bags, together with flavored & herbal teas and a variety of different packaging options.

Akbar keeps pace with the market by constantly updating its product range and packaging to stay abreast of global trends. The Akbar range is priced to offer the best value to consumers while holding to the highest quality standards.

The teas are packed at the company’s state-of the-art production facility, which features high-tech automated processing and packaging to ensure top quality.



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