Since 1924

Since 1924, Bin Al-Shami established the first basic rules for the manufacture of real luxury coffee through distinct blends containing the best, carefully selected, full Arabica coffee beans, with the addition of the best rich green cardamom beans.

Today, after nearly a century of diligent and continuous work to reach the highest standards of quality and the unique and distinct taste through steaming and roasting techniques to obtain luxurious coffee for true coffee gourmets, Bin Shami introduced a new concept and added a distinct imprint in the world of coffee making after it was prepared from one type of beans Commercial coffee and cheap regular cardamom to offer various and distinct blends of fine coffee beans and cardamom, where he established private farms to grow specific types of the finest coffee beans, as these farms were established in scientifically studied places with high altitudes and specific climates and carefully selected to obtain the best quality coffee beans Alia to be the first goal is to provide the best luxury coffee in the Arab world.

Al Shami coffee was prepared with the latest technologies of steaming, roasting, grinding and packing to ensure the highest level of quality and flavor for coffee gourmets.