Do Ghazal Tea

Pure Ceylon Tea

Do Ghazal, which translates to ‘two deer,’ is a brand of Ceylon Tea, most notable for their array of quality Black Teas. The tea leaves are grown on rich soil in the mountains of central Ceylon. They are made using oils from the deliciously aromatic, bergamot fruit.

The brand’s unique taste relies mainly on the Ceylon region, playing a great role in forming the unique taste and aroma; as well as the expert tea testers who have mastered their skills by relying on nearly a century of expertise in the field of tea tasting and blending. Through this careful process, these experts assess the teas to ensure the most superb quality standards are met. By preserving the fine values of this old tradition, Do Ghazal guarantees that only the best Pure Ceylon Tea reaches you.

Tea lovers across the globe are on the hunt for pure Ceylon tea. Lucky for them, Do Ghazal offers just that. The tea brand’s strategy is to maintain and expand the focus of being a premium blend of pure Ceylon Tea, sought after by customers worldwide for its aroma and flavor.

Do Ghazal ensures that there is no compromise in quality, especially the purity and freshness which is a vital feature that promotes the authentic Ceylon taste.



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