Valentine’s Inspired Crepe Cake

  Follow Najwa Hamaoui | @nanos_kitchen1Fall in love all over again with this scrumptious crepe cake. Share a crepe cake with

Chocolate Lazy Cake

  Follow Mariam Roze | @mariamrozeThis no-bake Chocolate Lazy Cake (Biscuit Au Chocolat) is delicious and makes the perfect snack with

Cinnamon Date Rolls

  Follow Zena Hassoun | @zenandzaatarThese cinnamon date rolls put a delicious Mediterranean twist on the classic pastry, using date paste

Chicken Tortilla Soup

  Follow Alia Al-Rifai | @SyrianEatsChicken Tortilla Soup is the perfect comfort food especially on those chilly days. Not only is

Spicy Tomato Foul

  Follow Tasneem Amrou | @OnexMorexBiteFoul is a traditional Middle Eastern dish that is packed with nutrients, plant-based proteins and of

Date Paste Cake Pops

  Follow Mariam Roze | @mariamrozeA quick and easy, guilt-free, sweet treat using only three ingredients!  

Cauliflower & Chickpea Freekeh

  Follow Zena Hassoun | @zenandzaatarThis freekeh is a flavorful vegetarian twist on the traditional Middle Eastern dish. Freekeh is topped

Date Maamoul

  Follow Alia Al-Rifai | @SyrianEatsMaamoul, also known as date cookies, are a popular Middle Eastern Dessert usually made on

Freekeh Salad

  Follow Zena Hassoun | @zenandzaatarThis freekeh salad is a hearty salad with sweet notes, perfect for fall! Freekeh adds

Stuffed Pumpkin with Rice

  Follow Mariam Roze | @mariamrozeStuffed pumpkins are irresistible in the Fall, and we've taken it to the next level