Ouzi Rice with Ground Beef

  Follow Mirvat | @thevibrantapronOuzi rice is a popular dish in the Middle East, especially at big gatherings. Despite its fancy

Molokhia Stew

  Follow Mirvat | @thevibrantapronMolokhia stew is a traditional Middle Eastern dish made from the leaves of the jute plant, known

Amardeen / Apricot Paste Drink

  Follow Mirvat | @thevibrantapronAmardeen/قمر دين is a refreshing drink especially enjoyed during the month of Ramadan and my husband’s favorite. Made

Middle Eastern Style Stuffed Artichoke with Beef

  Follow Mirvat | @thevibrantapronArtichokes are a favorite of mine for their delicate flavor. I'd love to share a recipe that

Okra Stew / Bamieh

  Follow Mirvat | @thevibrantapronIn the Middle East, stew-making is a cherished tradition, and one dish I particularly enjoy is okra

Classic Foul Medammas

  Make your breakfast or brunch unforgettable with the perfect fusion of taste and tradition.Foul Medammas is a flavorful fava

Red Beetroot & Pearl Couscous Salad

  Savor the vibrant flavors of our red Beetroot & Pearl Couscous Salad – a sweet and filling delight that

Basterma Phyllo Bombs

  These phyllo bombs are the perfect crunchy appetizer to wow all your guest at your next event. The spice

Orange Blossom Refresher

  Fresh orange juice combined with orange blossom water. Flavorful refresher for any occasion.

Fig Bars

  Brown butter fig bars are sweet, nutty, and fruity all in one bite. These treats are a great summer