The company EVOIKI ZIMI SA was created in 1984 in Psachna Evia with the name
“Zimarika Psahnon” as a small personal industry with the production of traditional
pasta, faithfully following the traditional recipes and using only the finest ingredients,
with the way of experienced landladies.

During 90’s Evoiki Zimi expands its activities in the production of frozen dough products
and transferred to owned facilities at Κastella, Evia. The growth of the company leads
in 2004 part of the production to new modern facilities in the district of Dokos
Chalkida. The success comes with the homemade country style fillo pastry and
continues with crust fillo pastry, puff pastry, traditional pies, puff pastry pies, pizzas,
croissants. Nowadays consumers can find company’s products in most big
supermarkets throughout Greece. A similar development has been achieved in the
exports of products through the continuous development of sales network in the
world market. Evoiki Zimi under the brand names “Zimi Psahnon” and “Zimarika
Psahnon” exports to more than 30 countries around the world, from Australia to
America, all categories of products.

Since its foundation, the company had aspirations towards exports in response to
expatriates customers calls. Along the way, the company to systematize its export
activity created an organized Exports Department and chose to participate in
international exhibitions, where was given the opportunity to present the products in
a more broad and diverse audience. The acceptance was unexpected and it gave
strength and motivation for further exports growth. The company constantly invests in
the latest technical equipment and fleet of trucks, in the proper training of human
resources and the absolute maintenance of consistently high quality and unique
homemade taste of its products, having integrated quality assurance systems EN ISO
22000: 2005, BRC, IFS. The structure of the company is flat and there is a direct
communication in order to spread throughout the company ideas and knowledge
and practices. International exhibitions remain a sales development tool and
communication with partners and customers. Evoiki Zimi via exports came close to
different cultures, with different flavors and quality characteristics, improving by this
way the production techniques and giving impulses to create new products. Future
plans remain actively seeking new fruitful markets and at the same time developing
the existing ones either with new products or new distribution channels.