Where taste meets excellence

It all started in 1973 when Eng. Mohamed Farag Amer and a professional team of experts created the legacy of Faragalla Group. Throughout the years, we have succeeded in creating a unique range of food and drinks products. 15 factories have been established to supply more than 1000 products and to carry out exports to over 100 countries around the globe. Today, the world enjoys our quality ranges. For the future, we continue to open up people’s appetites with unique flavors and cater to our partners with unmatched excellence.

“Producing mass-scale product categories to 100 countries in 6 continents span of over more 20 years.”

Faragalla Group is one of the leading and top diversified food companies in the Middle East. It is also one of Egypt’s largest exporting companies, ranked as one of top 5 exporters within consumer packaged goods in Egypt, including the USA, China, Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa; while centralizing its frozen chicken and meat product distributions within the MENA region.
It all started in the Borg El-Arab city in Alexandria, Egypt. For 45 years, the group continues to inspire innovative approaches and consistent productions through its three food processing companies:

• The Egyptian Company for Freezing and Beef Processing
• The Egyptian Food Company

• The Egyptian Company for Food Development

Faragalla Group proudly serves certified products with top international food safety standards and qualities, to cater to various taste buds and household needs.

Faragalla Group constantly seeks to entertain its customers’ cravings through massive production lines. Its 15 factories mark unlimited expansions and high technological edge over its competitors, covering areas that span 500,000 sqm. Beyond numbers, it focuses on producing quality-specific deliveries as an approved supplier and co-manufacturer of various global corporations.



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