Providing high-quality food and services

Our vision:

Working to make Kabatilo mill a global company with high responsibility and use creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship as an approach in delivering competitive products that have high quality and meets customer needs and contributes to motivating the team and achieve long-term aspirations of the company.

Our mission:

Providing high quality food and services that exceed consumer requirements, achieve the highest standards of satisfaction, enrich the experience of the consumer and have company activities compatible with the values of the environment, society and the preservation of the covenants of our ancestors.


The Kebatilo mill began its work in 1953 in the center of the country in the capital of Amman, specifically in the sugar market. It is one of the oldest commercial markets in the Kingdom and one of its founders was the late Marwan Salahaddin Kabatilo, the pioneer creative thinker in industry and commerce. To commit themselves to providing high quality products to keep up with the business of the Kabatello mill, to prepare the finest spices and spices, to manufacture the finest thyme, to offer the finest coffee, nuts, deluxe chocolate, Endodontic distinctive herbs, legumes and grains of all kinds.



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