With a rising demand for quality Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods and with family in mind, Tazah was born in 1997 as the flagship brand of our family-owned company.

With Tazah ingredients being focused on Mediterranean Cuisine of Middle Eastern origin, we wanted to explore past that and cater to more tastes. With that said, we expanded to European origins. To add to our variety, we released our sister brand, Golden Plate in 2015, where we share with you quality Middle Eastern flavors from European origins.

Do Ghazal, which translates to ‘two deer,’ is a brand of Ceylon Tea, most notable for their array of quality Black Teas. The tea leaves are grown on rich soil in the mountains of central Ceylon. They are made using oils from the deliciously aromatic, bergamot fruit.

As tea merchants owning a unique family tradition stretching back over 100 years, it was natural indeed for Akbar Brothers Limited to become the first ever Sri Lankan tea company to be awarded the internationally recognized ISO 9001 and HACCP quality certificates. Prior to that, the prestigious ‘Lion’ logo endorsement of Sri Lanka Tea Board for Pure Ceylon Tea was awarded as well. More wholesome and decisive acclaim came from the Sri Lanka Marketing Institute when they consistently honored ‘Akbar’ tea as the “International Brand of the Year”. These come as further confirmation of the superiority of the overall quality of this flagship brand of finest Ceylon tea.